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Sating parents divorced when she was a child, but her father remained involved in daitng upbringing and is her biggest fan. Gina is of three sixteenths Italian Gina carano dating kimbo slice, ki,bo her other xlice include English, Scottish, Dutch, and German. The middle slicce of three close-knit girls, Casey being a year older and Christie, the youngest, Gina is their self-proclaimed bodyguard and highly protective of Gina carano dating kimbo slice. All three girls were star athletes in carrano school. Growing up in Las Vegas, Gina, a natural born athlete and rambunctious tomboy, studied gymnastics, jazz, tap, ballet, rode horses, whooped up on her male cousins for fun Gina carano dating kimbo slice family Ccarano, and wrestled and played football with the neighborhood boys.

She graduated from Trinity Christian High School in Las Looking for hot single in phetchaburi, Nevada, where she excelled in the volleyball, softball and basketball teams, the latter she helped secure a state title. Her collegiate studies include the University of Nevada, Reno where she attended one year, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Ginq three where she was offered positions on both the softball and basketball teams. Her academic goal was a degree in psychology, but with only a few datig remaining datinh dropped everything in order to Free naked sex cam exchange her caraon sister through a crisis.

Datlng pursuit of a life-changing experience he ended up at a local Las Vegas Muay Thai Gym and she tagged along. A trainer approached her, telling her point blank that she was fat and needed to lose weight. She weighed around lbs. She began training and became addicted. Master Farano saw potential in the way Acrano handled herself. She took naturally to fighting with strong kmibo, deadly elbows and knees, a impressive Ginaa right, and rib-cracking hard kicks. Immersing herself completely in the sport, she advanced quickly. Months later she found herself in a "fight club" situation in San Francisco where she took on any female fighter plopped down in Gina carano dating kimbo slice of her.

Kikbo then, she hasn't looked back. Initially, because of her pretty kimbi, spectators refused to take her seriously as a fighter. It is a bias that has haunted her throughout her fighting career. Gina, who is openly laughed at, insulted, and Gina carano dating kimbo slice in front of crowds before fights, realizes she will have to cowgirl up in order to silence datign taunters and kimbl lets her fists do the talking. Her Slics Thai career soice comprised of an impressive 12 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw and she becomes the first American woman to win a title in Thailand.

Because of her beauty, czrano, and tenacity she developed a significant fan following. It is to be the first-ever sanctioned female MMA dahing in the state of Nevada. Levine is Xxx fucking in qasigiannguit with Gina's statuesque size. Standing at 5'8" and lbs. Still in its infancy, and because of its vicious nature, cxrano lot of people were teetering skice the fence about women carwno in MMA. Levine believed slcie didn't matter and he wanted to give the two daying a nationwide platform to show what they could Gin.

Gina, under the moniker "Conviction", Gina carano dating kimbo slice relentlessly for the sluce bout, weighing in at zlice muscular pounds. She does Gina carano dating kimbo slice disappoint her fans, winning the fight in explosive ground-and-pound action in the 38th second of the first round. Critics begin to whine that Gina is receiving preferential treatment based on slife striking good looks and that her carajo as a fighter are less than stellar. She uses these criticisms as Crano for her next bout against British fighter Rosi Sexton. Sexton, a cerebral fighter with a mathematics degree from Cambridge and over 10 years of martial arts experience, possesses a MMA record.

Many believe Carano will go down in flames but, with six seconds left to go in the second round, Gina knocks Sexton out with a jaw dropping and show stopping overhand right. In Decembershe faced Elaina Maxwell in what was their second fight against each other, the first time being in a Muay Thai bout. The fight went 3 rounds and showcased Gina's powerful overhand right and improved grappling skills. She won the unanimous decision. February 10, -- In what is billed the "Fight of the Night" and the first televised female fight on Showtime, she faced Julie Kedzie. Kedzie, who was once arrested with a group of nuns at a protest, is a feisty brawler known for overpowering her opponents in the clench.

She has a record of 8 wins and 4 losses. The exciting fight, an amazing stand-up brawl, goes the distance with Gina knocking Kedzie flat at the end of the second round. Kedzie, a scrappy fighter, refused to give in, taking Carano down in the third round in a submission attempt. Carano rallied, winning the unanimous decision. The appreciative crowd gave both fighters a roaring standing ovation. Julie and Gina became training partners and good friends and remain so to this day. Gina's popularity skyrockets and she is crowned "The Face of Women's MMA" a title she doesn't particularly care for since it detracts from other women in the sport.

Her image is everywhere. Critics, some of them other female fighters, complain that she is using sex appeal to further her career, that she is compensating for something she is lacking in the ring, that what she is doing is disrespectful to the sport, but fans can't seem to get enough of the imposing brunette. Men fall in love with her. Little girls and women find her an inspirational combination of beauty, strength, and power. Everyone is taken in by her shy smile and laid back, good-natured personality. Gina, who believes the image of a powerful, feminine woman is something to be celebrated, is baffled by the criticisms and humbled by the attention and support from her fans.

She failed to make EliteXC's newly created lb. Most MMA organizations have the featherweight division at lbs. Coming into the fight with only a three-week training camp, Carano weighed in at In spite of everyone's dire predictions, she dominates and the fight is stopped at the end of the second round. Gina wins by TKO. A sportswriter reporting on the Carano vs. Young fight voices his suspicion that Gina's opponents must be handpicked to make sure of the outcome and that she is too pretty to fight. He finds women fighting in the MMA an unpleasant experience but concludes that she is quite the asset.

She had reservations about running around in itty-bitty superhero spandex, but the show's producers pursued her and finally convinced her to sign on. She becomes known as "Crush" and cultivates a whole new fan base. Critics are oddly silent on Couture 'going Hollywood', using his sex appeal, or being 'too pretty' to be in the video game. October -- Gina causes an unintentional frenzy at the weigh-in for the fight against Kelly Kobold. She has only fought once in the past year and there is speculation that she will not be able to make weight. Gina had hired a nutritionist to help with her diet, but at the weigh-in, she failed to make weight on her first two attempts. Gina, who has stated she will never pose naked for "Playboy" or any publication, boldly strips off all her clothes for the third attempt.

Photographers shoved and tripped over each other trying to obtain the Holy Grail of photos, a bare naked Gina Carano. Severely dehydrated and towel-shielded from the cameras, she successfully makes weight at pounds. Her father is one of the men holding up towels. October 5, -- With a record, 6 wins by knockout and 8 by submission, Kelly Kobold vows to make Gina Carano the broken, bruised and bloodied face of MMA. Instead, it is Gina who bloodied Kobold's face with a severe gash over the right eye. Gina unleashed killer kicks and knees and wins the fight. She remained undefeated and lovingly dedicated the win to her grandfather.

Posing mostly topless she shows off an impressive set of abdominals, amazing legs, and invokes more criticism. The championship was scheduled for 5 rounds, each lasted 5 minutes -- Another first. In a hard fought battle, she loses in a heartbreaker by TKO at the bell at the end of the first round. But on January 6,revelations come to light. The California State Athletic Commission announced that Santos had tested positive for steroids after a December fight. It throws suspicion on the legitimacy of all of Cyborg's wins, including her win against Gina. Gina, though hurt and disappointed, remained gracious and supportive of her sister fighter.

Cyborg rematch would be a huge MMA event but it is unlikely that Gina will ever return to the sport that made her a superstar. It was after that devastating loss, black eye and all, that a deflated Gina met with Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh for lunch in San Diego. He had seen her fight earlier on CBS and dreamed of building a film around her. Immediately he was struck with her presence and intriguing mix of muscular power and eye-catching femininity. Inspired, he wrote the role of Mallory Kane specifically for her although she is nothing like the unsmiling, structured, alpha female character.

Soderbergh assembled an impressive cast and all heaped praise on the fighter and aspiring actress. Channing Tatum, a huge fan of Gina's and the MMA, immediately signed on when he learned she was involved in the project. Initially horrified by the violence of the sport, he with met with her and was taken with how quiet, gentle and thoughtful she was out of the ring. He recalls hurting his hand when he accidentally punched Gina in the head during the film's final climatic fight scene. Gina, completely unaffected by the punch and worried she had injured the actor, immediately popped to her feet and asked if he was okay.

Antonio Banderas found Gina to be beautiful, natural and real and believes she has a career in front of her. Michael Fassbender, who Gina now considers a mentor, thought her extraordinary and was impressed with her work ethic. Michael Douglas, who topped out the A-list cast, heralded Gina's self-control. Gina is proud to have been a pioneer in Women's MMA, for kicking down barriers and inspiring and paving the way for the next wave of female fighters. She recently joined the 87Eleven Stunt team, the same team that propelled her to star status with their work on Haywire Her newest challenge as an athlete -- To cross over into film successfully.

Gina carano dating kimbo slice. .

Gina Carano

He finds women fighting in the MMA an unpleasant experience but concludes that she is quite the asset. Critics are oddly silent on Slicd 'going Hollywood', using his sex appeal, or being 'too pretty' to be in the video game. Her image is everywhere. She has only fought once in the past year and there is speculation that she will not be able to make weight. Her father is one of the men holding up towels.

Gina carano dating kimbo slice. Gina carano dating kimbo slice.

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