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Entranced Accused Staff Member s: EU Arena Kendyy suicide girl Abuse Committed: Not muting anyone except for me? Numerous different people attack me throughout these logs, yet the staff do absolutely nothing yet occasionally offer them warnings? All I'm trying to do is defend myself suicise I get like 3 people calling me a pedophile because I'm 19, and they do duicide nothing. They're clearly not AFK because they keep telling people to drop it when what they've already said is clearly a muteable offence. I'm not Kendyy suicide girl the mute but the fact that no-one else got muted is not sukcide. I wouldn't have carried on if I didn't keep getting attacked by numerous different people.

Null Kenydy ProxisPvP [ What do I press to see durability? DUEL me build uhc plz [ Kendyy suicide girl me build uhc elo [ So many people getting muted for Death Threats Oh my [ Duel me build uhc! MissPoneyDu93 can I ssuicide Entranced you're a coward and you're cheap, gtfo. Join Ranked 1v1 Kit Horse [ Item entity has no item?! You're a Kendyy suicide girl little kid that's scared to show suiclde his face [ If we're going in for truths [ Restarting in 15 seconds with kit SG. I am gay [ Prez chill fam [ MissPoneyDu93 what is wrong with you? I would much rather be a little kid than that.

Prez Yooo keed chill lmfaoooo [ Hit ya with it, gtfo. GG bow killllll [ ItsFrizzy I was annoyed that he ghost killed, then he starts getting personal? I have the right. BySliDe je taime je suis pd de toi [ You think you actually hurt me [ I was being sarcastic [ Ok good just checking [ OMG Malmenz where are you [ BySliDe je taime je suis pd de toii [ You lost a bit of elo get over it man. Are you talking to me or him [ I can't tell [ I just lost [ You know nothing about me lmao [ Don't pretend you do [ I did check my stats: I was now Prez is it that time of month again?

Entranced I do know that you are pathetic, you hate on people for stupid things, like me for example [ Think it must be pal [ You called me pathetic and a coward because I beat you at block game xD [ Then you have a go at me for hating LOL [ Where did u get those boxers [ Entranced It made me salty, then you hit with personal shit? I can't remember pal [ Personal isn't over the block game you moron. Y'as un gars du clan la je me fais chier [ You called me a coward [ You said about me not showing my face. That's pretty personal imo [ Hit me hard [ Yes, in the game, then you started getting personal you moron.

You really can't say shit considering you're an unemployed 19 year old talking to 14 year old girls. ColuiCheOsserva please duellami [ I have a full time job and I talk to one 14 year old [ Don't speak to me again. Entranced and Prez stop arguing please [ Entranced swear u wanted to beat a 13 year old? Whats your full time job Michael? Koj si jadnik jebote igraj mele koj kurac bowas [ I work for a broadband company [ You're 18 aren't you? Entranced just wants to take photos in boxer with 14 year old [

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You're a thirsty little kid that's scared to show people his face [ Koj si jadnik jebote igraj mele koj kurac bowas [ Entranced and Prez stop arguing please [ DUEL me build uhc plz [ I was being sarcastic [.

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